The IDI-KSC “Auditing SDGs Programme” Posted by intosai On Apr 16, 2018

The IDI-KSC “Auditing SDGs programme” has the following results framework: Advocacy and Awareness Raising Guidance on Auditing of Preparedness for Implementation of SDGs ISSAI Based Cooperative Performance Audit of Preparedness of Implementation of SDGs Community of Practice on Auditing Sustainable Development Lessons Learned and Compendium of Audit findings   The progress made on the results framework … Continue reading “The IDI-KSC “Auditing SDGs Programme””

INTOSAI and the Sustainable Development Goals Posted by intosai On Apr 16, 2018

Globally, and in each of our respective nations, we are in an era of interconnections, complexity, and rapid change that creates a set of new and daunting challenges for national governance and international institutions. The recent global financial crisis, international health pandemics, cross-border migration and refugees, long-term public sector fiscal sustainability, public corruption and money … Continue reading “INTOSAI and the Sustainable Development Goals”

SAI India takes Big Leap into Data Analytics Posted by intosai On Apr 13, 2018

In today’s wired world, literally, everything is connected and every single communication of information is recorded as ‘data’. With the generation of massive volumes of data, commonly known as Big Data and increasing availability of low cost technologies to access and process such data, ‘Analytics’ seems to be pervading all facets of life, both in … Continue reading “SAI India takes Big Leap into Data Analytics”